by emergenceekit

Had an amazing weekend at FUTUREPERFECT – truly an exploration of the mind, body and soul.
From lectures on complex systems theory to permaculture classes, workshops on the urban paradox (orchestrated by Carolyn Steel) to acro-yoga in the sun. From on-site organic food production (AND meals) to eclectic music and dancing throughout the night – what a ride!

I had the privilege of hosting my own workshop on my case study and, with a wonderful group of people, explore the problems associated with the urban paradox and ‘sustainable cities’ and then look into possible solutions (theoretically analyzing historical ecology, political ecology, the ideals of transition theory and complexity theory).

The focus of the group discussion meandering around for a while but emphasized the lack of tools in which to measure and/or compensate for the ‘value’ associated with feeding the urban appetite (i.e. farmers seem to ALWAYS be marginalized. Especially if they can’t control for variables outside of the economic model. Which is usually always the case; seeing as future weather/climate patterns, as well as the predictability of global markets are hard to accountably control in their entirety and/or combined synthesis). Thanks to everyone who participated in such an amazing event!